Artist Statement



I grew up in Idaho and have loved drawing and painting all my life.  I worked in graphic arts as a young adult, in the US and in Canada after I immigrated in 1971.  After moving to the Gulf Islands in the early 1980s I started painting more, first in watercolour and later in acrylic.  In between I tried my hand at etching and linoprinting and spent ten years doing monotypes.  In 1998 I started a small gallery on Saturna Island and operated it for ten years before moving to Victoria.  I still have a deep connection to Saturna and spend many weekends and summer months there, but am mainly working in Victoria.  I enjoy doing and looking at both representational and non-representational work, but colour is the main language in both.




"When color is at its richest, form is at its fullest."   Cezanne