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I was having trouble getting started after producing very little in 2016.  In thumbing through art books and catalogs, I came upon photos of Matisse in his old age (my age) doing his cut-paper works.  So I decided to give that a try.  I painted up a bunch of sheets of paper with acrylics, using an ancient Egyptian palette.  By cutting and gluing I created four maquettes that I could work from to make some 20" x 30" paintings.

I heavily textured the surface of the canvases and panels I intended to work on, with spackle and pumic gel, sanding them down when dry with a belt sander.


I have done these four panels and am now working on a 30" x 30", with ambitions for a 30" x 60".

The method is certainly not original and the resulting images aren't profound, but they are really fun and have me looking forward to working again, so for now I'm happy.



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