Karen Muntean - Artist

This new painting is composed of a recently discovered thirteen-sided shape that can be combined endlessly without forming a repeat pattern.  Einstein in German means "
one shape" and it is colloquially called "the hat".so.....


On the first day of spring, my late sister's birthday, I suddenly had some energy to start another Meditation.  This one, like the others in this series,  is based on Arab geometry, specifically this pattern:

But once I got started this painting quickly got away from me and ended up like this...a flowery tribute.

Here's a new, slightly apocalypic watercolour/collage piece.  It's related to my map based work and follows on from a chigiri-i class I took recently.  It's only 10 inches square on wood panel.  

Other map based pieces I have done in the last year or two are:

Houses I Used to Live In, 16" x 20" wc/collage on panel

Meander, 16" x 16" collage on panel  SOLD


I was able to show eighteen of my acrylics, mainly from the Arabesque, Energia and Harmonics series, at the Splash gallery space in the new Esquimalt Town Center development by Aragon.  This wide corridor leads to the library and a local coffee shop opens into it.  There is lots of foot traffic and a nice professional hanging system.  I am indebted to the TAC volunteers and Karen Cooper of the AGGV Art Rental program for helping make a coherent show of my work. 



                     Imaginary Geographies

   Map based art at the Saturna Cafe March 3-30, 2022

Some of my acrylic paintings and reduction linoprints are now available for sale at Central Art Studio Gallery in the Hudson's Bay mall downtown Victoria.  Local art run by a local artist, Peter van Giesen.  Open noon-5 Monday through Friday on the ground floor.  

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