Here is a detail from my new 30" x 30" actrylic on canvas called "Urban".  This is my most-successful-so-far bigger piece since starting to work on this map-based theme.  Colours are inspired by the previous collage of earth/water/sky tones.  See the whole piece under "Paintings"  

These three abstract acrylics of mine are now at Central Art Studio Gallery on Fort Street in Victoria.  They are on Peter's website, priced the same as on my website (only his prices include all taxes).  He has a lot of nice work there; check it out if you are downtown Victoria on weekday afternoons.  Central Art Studio Gallery is on Fort between Government and Douglas in the Bay building.  




I cut up old maps and an old atlas to make this collage on board.  I had conceived the design a few years ago, when working on my Harmonic series. The design was structurally strong but not interesting enough as flat colour areas so I put it away for "later."  "Later" turned out to be now and I think it made a strong design template for a map collage.  


I recently took a one day workshop at Vancouver Island Scool of Art on the theme of Mapping and Art.  It was so energizing to meet in a (big) room with four other people and the instructor Marina DiMaio for some in-person learning.  I decided to try working on wood panel for a change,  bought a few small ones and have been happily exploring


ever since.  I like this one best of the three I've done so is very personal and uses photos (as gel transfers) from my childhood and maps from where I grew up, in Idaho.

New research suggests that abstract art has qualities that can literally change our mindsets and prompt us to let the minutia of day-to-day life fall away.  I found an article on this study,  published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (US) by Daphna Shohamy of Columbia University, discussed in the online site Inverse.  


"This means that art has an effect on our general cognitive state, that goes beyond how much we enjoy it, to change the way we perceive events and make decisions.," Shohamy says.  She says that abstract art shifts our cognitive state away from concrete details and towards abstract ideas.  It forces us to explore within ourselves, which can be rewarding.  


For more detail on how this study was done and an elaboration of the ideas, check out the Inverse article.  

I have created a little "store" on Etsy (online marketplace for handmade things) called KamiArtCA for my linoprints.  These are all small edition reduction linoprints, conservation matted and ready to frame.  Have a look!

This piece, and Spring Meditation before it, are based on a 10th century Persian tile motif.

Spring Meditation was all about colour but this piece, 30 x 30" acrylic and collage, is enlivened by a lot of texture and gold leaf.  It's hard to photograph well and reads differently in different lights because of these factors, but I had fun doing it.  

During this crazy time of enforced isolation I decided to try a meditation on colour.  It took about three weeks (of the first month of isolation) painting 2-4 hours per day, most spent subtly adjusting colours.  It is 30 x 36" acrylic on canvas.  It's the first new painting I've done in a while, having spent last winter mostly doing small linoprints.